Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Mini Calender

Just like "Moshimo negai ga...," a mini calender will be given to buyers inside the "Missing You ~Time To Love~."  Sadly, another regular calender will not be given.  The mini calenders are about the same size as the one released with "Moshimo negai ga..."

"Moshimo negai ga..." mini calender

"Missing You Time ~Time To Love~" sample

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Missing You ~Time To Love~

As many of you might know, there was already a preview put out of this new song, "Missing You ~Time To Love~."  It's a song inspired by Nami's K-Pop taste, and a song that she really loves.  You can find this song in video format almost everywhere.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

月刊NEO 玉置成実(DVD) picture!

This was released recently.  Is it for the photobook or the DVD?

Tamaki Nami appears completely nude for the first time! This comes as a shock to many fans, this was something that was never expected.

As a fan myself, I was shocked and thought it was just a little bit scary.  Yes, it is something different and it may boost sales (because sex sells) but is this the way to go?  I miss the cute and adorable Nami.  Since she is growing up, I have to respect her decisions and hope that the right choice was made for this picture.  I wonder, are there more like it in the photobook or is this the only one?  Have to wait until February 24, 2011 to find out!!

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~UhOhxitsNami~ @

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

月刊NEO 玉置成実(DVD)

A new DVD has emerged into the media, "Monthly NEO Tamaki Nami (DVD)."  Unknown tracklisting of what will actually be on the DVD, except for the collection of photographs.  This is actually giving fans more to look forward to!  How exciting is this; new single, up coming 6th album AND a DVD?  Could this get any better Nami fans?

A "Monthly NEO" series collection of photographs is synced to DVD.  This second bounce, wide from danceable tunes to ballade, the charm of "Tamaki Nami" 's superior performance appears.  Kakimoto Kensaku, who has produced a lot of works like movies, MV and PV, is appointed the supervisor and approaches her charm.

Release date: 2011.2.24
Selling agency: E-Net Frontier

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mysterious new album??

Leaked just recently, Nami has a 6th album titled "Ready" is set to be released at the end of February of 2011.  This is very rare, she usually does four singles, new album and then a loooong wait.  What could this mean?  Is she finally on a new start of releasing material?  So far it seems to be a two version album, one with a DVD and the other without.  Since Nami was recording for quite a long time, could this be the other songs she had been preparing on?

[11.02.23]玉置成実 - Ready
[First Press Limited Edition with DVD]
Price   3800(tax included)
Release Date 2011/02/23
Item Number UPCH-9620

[Regular Edition]
Price   2500(tax included)
Release Date 2011/02/23
Item Number UPCH-1826

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Preview of "TTL/Time To Love" & Official site update

A video leaked preview from inside the studio! 

Check it out: TTL/Time To Love

Also, here is an update on the official website.

The first image you see is a group picture of Nami and the boys from Choshinsei.

Then you see this image with a new promotional picture and a little more info on the single itself.

20th Single "TTL/Time To Love"

It has been leaked out before but not like this!  As shown on Nami's official website ( there is a new flash image on the main page featuring a new picture of Nami with KWANGSOO, JIHYUK and GEONIL from Choshinsei (Supernova). 

Newborn Tamaki Nami, her first single recently in the music scene with a K-POP sound.  The South Korean release in 2009, it conqured first place on 8 digital charts.  This is a Japanese cover of this Korean song.  The members of Choshinsei will rap in Japanese, at an expectation level that the original music creator of "TTL/Time To Love" is appointed a high level of completion from the sound creator!
The preview of the song can be found in a later post and also on the Universal-Music Japan page ( along with a new banner.

Monday, December 6, 2010

2010.12.6 ~Twitter pictures~

Nami posted this just today!! Doesn't she look really adorable at age nine? ♥ ♥


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decided guest event in Shibuya "CLUB camelot"


Date: 12/28(Tuesday) 21:00〜
Place: CLUB camelot
Fee: Men ¥3,500/2drink
Women ¥2,500/2drink
*21:00〜23:00(Men ¥1,000/2drink、Woman ENTRANCE FREE)
GUEST LIVE: Tamaki Nami

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Single "Missing you ~Time To Love~"

After what seems to have been forever, it was finally announced that Nami has a new release.  Her last releases included her fifth album entitled "STEP" (2010.2.24) along with a cover song from "松本隆に捧ぐ-風街DNA-" entitled "Romantic ga tomaranai" (2010.5.12).

This must excite a lot of fans, we have waited a long time for a new single.

The new single, "Missing You ~Time To Love~", is scheduled to be released on January 12, 2011 with a tune that will "be liked by everyone," as Nami has mentioned.  "[The] new song "Missing You ~Time To Love" said sale is January 12" as stated in a Chinese fan forum, natsume-hyuga, this song is the Japanese cover of the Korean song "TTL/Time To Love."  More information on this single will be posted soon!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Been to Twitter lately?

Have you guys been to twitter lately?  If so you have seen the background picture.  If not, here it is!

It is a bigger version than the ones that have been found.  And, it is a bit better quality.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010.11.20 ☆Q&A☆

Something that I haven't seen in a while, a Q&A from Nami!  She did this over twitter, then later put it in her blog.  For safe keeping I'd assume.

Good evening.

The smell of winter is outside.

Though it was cold, not good so much

somehow I get excited this year

Dressing up is more fashionable

it is a season that I enjoy.

The town is shining.

Starbucks' white mocha is hot & chai tea is hot but

I felt that it is more delicious.

This winter for sure, the ski slopes debut

Well, in twitter recently a Q&A was done

because I did not do it here

the spear is done

the questions waited until they were done

Love xoxo - 玉置成実の I AM ME

Friday, November 12, 2010


Keeping up with her busy schedule, Nami will be participating with the10th anniversary DANCE ENTERTAINMENT PARTY WORLD WIDE-WINTER PARTY 2010.  This event has been scheduled for December 19, 2010.  For more information about the event itself, please go to ゲストアーティスト | WORLD WIDE-WINTER PARTY 2010.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010.10.23 ~Twitter pics~

"I'm going to see bless4(´ω`)♡"

"Event complete...I was supremely happy but somehow lonely!! I will work hard in November!!"

"A night of Nagoya, where the delicious mackerel pike's are noticed(´ω`)"

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010.10.20 ~Twitter pictures~

"Just about to leave.  Today's regular clothes are Boyish☆ Hat is My favorite item♪"