Friday, December 10, 2010

20th Single "TTL/Time To Love"

It has been leaked out before but not like this!  As shown on Nami's official website ( there is a new flash image on the main page featuring a new picture of Nami with KWANGSOO, JIHYUK and GEONIL from Choshinsei (Supernova). 

Newborn Tamaki Nami, her first single recently in the music scene with a K-POP sound.  The South Korean release in 2009, it conqured first place on 8 digital charts.  This is a Japanese cover of this Korean song.  The members of Choshinsei will rap in Japanese, at an expectation level that the original music creator of "TTL/Time To Love" is appointed a high level of completion from the sound creator!
The preview of the song can be found in a later post and also on the Universal-Music Japan page ( along with a new banner.

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