Tuesday, December 14, 2010

月刊NEO 玉置成実(DVD)

A new DVD has emerged into the media, "Monthly NEO Tamaki Nami (DVD)."  Unknown tracklisting of what will actually be on the DVD, except for the collection of photographs.  This is actually giving fans more to look forward to!  How exciting is this; new single, up coming 6th album AND a DVD?  Could this get any better Nami fans?

A "Monthly NEO" series collection of photographs is synced to DVD.  This second bounce, wide from danceable tunes to ballade, the charm of "Tamaki Nami" 's superior performance appears.  Kakimoto Kensaku, who has produced a lot of works like movies, MV and PV, is appointed the supervisor and approaches her charm.

Release date: 2011.2.24
Selling agency: E-Net Frontier

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