Thursday, December 16, 2010

月刊NEO 玉置成実(DVD) picture!

This was released recently.  Is it for the photobook or the DVD?

Tamaki Nami appears completely nude for the first time! This comes as a shock to many fans, this was something that was never expected.

As a fan myself, I was shocked and thought it was just a little bit scary.  Yes, it is something different and it may boost sales (because sex sells) but is this the way to go?  I miss the cute and adorable Nami.  Since she is growing up, I have to respect her decisions and hope that the right choice was made for this picture.  I wonder, are there more like it in the photobook or is this the only one?  Have to wait until February 24, 2011 to find out!!

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  1. Wow, Nami's really taking her sex appeal to a whole new level!