Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010.11.20 ☆Q&A☆

Something that I haven't seen in a while, a Q&A from Nami!  She did this over twitter, then later put it in her blog.  For safe keeping I'd assume.

Good evening.

The smell of winter is outside.

Though it was cold, not good so much

somehow I get excited this year

Dressing up is more fashionable

it is a season that I enjoy.

The town is shining.

Starbucks' white mocha is hot & chai tea is hot but

I felt that it is more delicious.

This winter for sure, the ski slopes debut

Well, in twitter recently a Q&A was done

because I did not do it here

the spear is done

the questions waited until they were done

Love xoxo - 玉置成実の I AM ME

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